Kubusschnitt – Entropy`s evolution


Released: 2010 By Ruud Heij

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  1. Uncertainty of Entropy [18:14]MP3 soundclip of Uncertainty of entropy [0:29]
  2. Perpetual Chaos [14:09]MP3 soundclip of Perpetual chaos [0:29]
  3. Entropy’s Evolution [19:11]MP3 soundclip of Entropy`s evolution [0:29]
  4. All Things Lost [13:46]MP3 soundclip of All things lost [0:29]

Same style, new combinations. With Gert Emmens

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1 review for Kubusschnitt – Entropy`s evolution

  1. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

    Here is a pleasant surprise! Band existing since 1999, Kubusschnitt seems to have known a career in the shade of the big names of the contemporary EM. Initially constituted by Andy Bloyce, Ruud Heij, Tom Coppens and Jens Peschke, Kubusschnitt knew an uneven career, realizing albums parsimoniously with the same rhythm as the group lost members. During a week-end of record session, Tom Coppens and Ruud Heij realized numerous sequential movements. Movements that Ruud Heij brought to his good friend Gert Emmens. Strongly inspired by these sequences Gert Emmens worked these structures by adding synth lines and bass lines, as well as solos, rhythms and chords, leaving room for guitar solos that his good friend Jan Dieterich filled, among great riffs. The result? EhWell, Of Entropy Evolution is an extension of Gert Emmens‘s works, in particular The Nearest Faraway Place, but with musical structures that bring us in corridors of a cosmic rock on 4 long titles modeled in the roots of a progressive Berlin School.

    After a hesitating flow opening, where the echo of uncertain pulsations espouses chords of keyboard which ring among a synth to disturbing night-breaths, Uncertainty of Entropys intro swirls delicately in a tinkled merry-go-round where loud vaporous strata wed snippets of piercing solos. A brief opening with an intriguing approach where solos howl in a glass menagerie, before the tempo bites at full chords on a slightly galloping sequence, filled by a spectral synth which undulates sinuously. Uncertainty of Entropy deviates towards a heavy cosmic rock with good guitar solos which bite at full riffs under a sequence which hems in cascade and synths in the breaths of mist. Slowly, Uncertainty of Entropy lowers its pace to embraces the arcs of a more conventional EM with a rhythmic a bit uncertain which stifles in the mists of a vaporous synth. A synth which frees superb solos to well ethereal twists on a nervous sequential movement but controlled by synth currents, bringing Uncertainty of Entropy towards a finale of ether.
    The opening of Perpetual Chaos soaks in a rhythmic duality with magnificent Mellotron to melancholic strings which bickers with a long synth solo on wriggling sequences. Sequences isolate themselves and mold a tempo that hems in cascade accompanied with beautiful Mellotron pads. Percussions tumble down, introducing a more rock structure where synth and guitar solos tear an electronic heaviness, before succumbing to an ethereal finale.
    Beautiful strata of a Mellotron which spreads its mystic mist through beautiful resonant lines, the intro of Entropys Evolution soaks in the total mysticism. An intro, heavy and vaporous, with layers undulating with delicacy which flows back a somber and tenebrous approach. A sequence appears and walks stealthily, thwarting fine crystalline arpeggios which sparkle in an atmosphere becoming more serene. Slowly, the sequential movement grows heavy and becomes more insistent, zigzagging on shy sound arcs before drawing a hopping linear movement where limpid chords glean around a heavy Mellotron to padded strata. Jan Dieterich‘s guitar comes to add a melancholic depth to a title all the same rather ambient, in spite of its heavy rhythm and its sequential line of which chords collide slightly. A good track which bring us back in progressive cosmic rock era.
    All Things Lost offers a beautiful sequential approach which winds in ascension.A superb movement which sat on a beautiful synth with felted solos which cross a structure full of arpeggios in suspension, before that the tempo explodes with a languishing heaviness where Dieterich guitar frees good solos.

    Between the ambient and the cosmic rock, between Tangerine Dream and Gert Emmens fragrances, the steams of, Entropys Evolution is a beautiful find which will easily get its place among fans of Berlin School EM, even contemporary Krautrock. I don’t know at all Kubusschnitt musical structures, but I have the vague feeling that on Entropys Evolution reigns an ambiance of improvisation which meshes and which finished always to find its harmonious concordance. The mean reason is in the conception of this last Kubusschnitt which was conceived in three steps and by the previous collaborations between Heij, Dieterich and Emmens whom add to this album a touch as cosmic as progressive, thanks to Jan Dieterich‘s biting guitar.
    Kubusschnitts Entropys Evolution is a very beautiful surprise which I recommend strongly to fans of YD as well as Space Rock and of course Gert Emmens.

    2010. Sylvain Lupari / Guts Of Darkness

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