Lambert – Bon Courage


Released: 2023 By Spheric Music

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1 – New Horizon
2 – Dream Glide
3 – Cave World
4 – Fantasy Plays
5 – Towards Truth
6 – Runguar
7 – Secret Call
8 – Chain Of Images
9 – Deep Cloud
10 – Fading Memories
11 – Candle
12 – Bon Courage

Since the last CD “Drachenreise” Lambert has taken part in productions by Vanderson, Bertrand Loreau and Johannes Schmoelling. The new album shows Lambert from a familiar, Tangerine Dream-oriented side. But new accents also let the music shine in a new light.
A lively opener takes us to new horizons, other tracks let us dreamily slide into other spheres. Sparklingly hypnotic tone patterns and deep sound harmonies captivate you.

The titles reflect different emotional states and moods. »Bon Courage« is a source of encouragement and happiness when dealing with all the ups and downs of our lives. Music can help us feel feelings that are difficult to capture with words.

As a bonus (track 10), this CD includes a collaborative track with Johannes Schmoelling (Tangerine Dream 1980-85) that immerses itself in the atmosphere of Hyperborea.

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