Lamp – Scales of Fortune

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Released: 2014 By Groove Unlimited


  1. Serendipity – [15:05]
  2. Calamity – [15:18]
  3. Adversity – [15:28]
  4. Fortunity – [15:10]

Michael Shipway joined by Garth Jones with their second release.

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2 reviews for Lamp – Scales of Fortune

  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    The Three Towers had literally seduced the fans of EM in the spring of 2012. The fusion between the very electronic approach of Michael Shipway and that more dreamy, more bohemian of Garth Jones had split two universes of which the paradoxes overlapped in a style where the Berlin and England School displayed a poetic vision until then unequalled. Always inspired by the tales of Bernodine, Scales of Fortune proposes us on the other hand an EM a little bit more soothing than that of the first album of the English duet with four sonic chapters of which the soft and subtle evolutions fall down in finales sometimes stormy but often deliciously lively. And although less clubbing than The Three Towers, this last opus of Lamp stays an attractive sonic adventure, in particular because of the very incisive tone of the Burns Hank Marvin Signature guitar. Its tears are really penetrating, like knocks of scalpel on the soul. But it stays before and beyond all a very electronic album where the guitar and the synths are really compatible.

    A humming where are hiding astral voices and dust from stars are opening the doors to Serendipity”. The onset is very relaxing and carpeted of an astral nebulosity with lot of mists which murmur as much as the choruses. Their cosmic harmonies flow on the soft caresses of a guitar of which the strings pinch and make sing sad and solitary airs sometimes sober and sometimes acute

  2. Paul Collins / UK

    Highly melodic superb music a classic.

    2015. Paul Collins / UK

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