Living Dreamtime – Exploring the water element


Released: 2002 By Origo Sound

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  1. Deep blue space [9:55]
  2. Within the waves [8:54]
  3. Heart center [4:23]MP3 soundclip of Heart center [2:59]
  4. Atlantis whispers [6:34]
  5. Raining whales [8:49]
  6. Pulsation planet [5:38]
  7. Reflections of crystal water [12:29]
  8. Light portal revealed [3:51]
  9. Dancing water angels [10:40]

Ambient water-scapes from Tor Linlokken

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  1. Chuck van Zyl / STAR’S END

    The meeting between New Age music and digital sampling technology begot a pile of releases whose main feature was snippets of whale songs arbitrarily mixed above crudely fashioned and syrupy tunes. Fortunately, music that seriously ponders the relationship between introspective synthesizer tones and oceanic wildlife is no longer stigmatized by prior passing fads. Exploring the Water Element (71’15) by Living Dreamtime (a.k.a. Tor Linlokken) is an immersing soundscape of environmental minimalism. It is not only a pleasant

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