Loom – Scored


Released: 2012 By Moonpop

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    CD 01

  1. Palace Of Dreams [5:14]
  2. Modulation Agents [7:15]
  3. La Marche [8:11]
  4. Catwalk [08:18]
  5. Going West [5:39]
  6. Matjora Is Still Alive [5:01]
  7. A Room In The House Closed To The Public [6:23]
  8. A Long Way Home [5:04]
  9. Abacus [05:35]
  10. Crystal Red [5:21]
    CD 02

  1. Circles [03:54]
  2. Towards The Evening Star [6:10]
  3. The Rise Of The Smooth Automaton [4:22]
  4. My Reality At 52 Degrees Of Latitude [6:12]
  5. Cartoony Universe [7:59]
  6. White Eagle [5:31]
  7. Beach Theme [9:12]
  8. A Mellow Morning [4:23]
  9. Time And Tide [7:36]
  10. Choronzon [06:36]

Recorded live in Eindhoven, NL 2011 during the E-live festival Fantastic music!! Jerome Froese, Johannes Schmoelling, Robert Waters.

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3 reviews for Loom – Scored

  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com

    There are moments like that! Moments which illuminate the senses, revive the souvenirs and make us dream. Fortunate are the ones who were able to attend the concert given by Johannes Schmoelling, Jerome Froese and Robert Waters at the E-Live festival on October 2011. Fortunate because for them this magic moment will remain engraved in their memories, while the others (us) will have to content of imagined these moments by the waves of this superb hearing witness whom is Scored. As mentioned so well by Schmoelling; Loom it is the contagious insistence of 2 young wolves of EM who imagined the impact to join their enthusiast to the very melodic and cartesian approach of the Austrian musician. And the result, to say the least for this concert, exceeds the most naive expectations. Diving into the repertoires of Tangerine Dream, Johannes Schmoelling and Jerome Froese, Scored offers a very strong performance with an electric concert where the presen ted titles leave the cosy comfort of the usual chloroformic performances.

    Alone with his piano, Johannes Schmoelling jostles our feelings with a vibrating version of Palace of Dreams”. Sometimes delicate

  2. Falaise Emmanuel / France

    Good job guys ENCORE.

    2012. Falaise Emmanuel / France

  3. Fabrice Baudinot / France

    Great,remarkable,fantastic,wonderful double CD ;-)The best music i have heard for a long time !!!

    2012. Fabrice Baudinot / France

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