Lord of the Ants – Back to Berlin


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1/ High Water
2/ A Wonderful Sight
3/ Back to Berlin
4/ London Lounge Lizard
5/ Cognative Shift
6/ Memory of You
7/ Seven LampsThoughts on a Hyperdimensional Wind

“Back to Berlin” is a mesmerising journey into the realm of electronic music. The music draws inspiration from the iconic Berlin School style. It wonderfully captivates with a unique blend of vintage synthesisers, hypnotic rhythms, and expansive soundscapes. The result is a beautiful and immersive sonic experience.
From the outset, “Back to Berlin” sets a mood of nostalgia and wonder. The opening track, “High Water,” immediately establishes the album’s retro-futuristic atmosphere with pulsating sequencer patterns and lush, ethereal pads. The meticulous attention to detail in the production is evident, creating a sonic tapestry that feels both familiar and innovative.

One of the standout qualities of this album is its ability to evoke vivid imagery through sound. Each track unfolds like a sonic painting, painting scenes of bustling cityscapes and nocturnal journeys. In “Seven Lamps,” for example, the listener is transported through a dreamscape of traditional organic sounds, shimmering synths and echoing melodies. It all evokes a sense of mystery and contemplation.
The craftsmanship displayed throughout “Back to Berlin” is truly commendable. LOTA demonstrates a mastery of sound design and composition, seamlessly blending classic Berlin School elements with modern production techniques. The result is a collection of tracks that feel timeless yet contemporary, appealing to both seasoned electronic music aficionados and newcomers alike.
The album’s signature title track, “Back to Berlin,” serves as a highlight with its dynamic interplay of arpeggiated sequences and expansive atmospheres. The track builds gradually, creating a sense of anticipation and crescendoing into a euphoric climax that is both exhilarating and emotionally resonant.

Another noteworthy aspect of “Back to Berlin” is its rich textural quality. The use of analogue and modern synthesisers, coupled with acoustic instruments, lends warmth and depth to the sound, enveloping the listener in a cocoon of sonic bliss. Each sonic element feels purposeful and meticulously crafted, contributing to the album’s overall coherence and allure.
There’s a keen sense of pacing and narrative throughout. Tracks like “London Lounge Lizard” and “Cognitive Shift” showcase LOTA’s ability to build immersive sonic landscapes that unfold organically over time. The album’s closing track, “Thoughts on a Hyperdimensional Wind,” brings a sense of closure and contemplation, leaving the listener with a feeling of catharsis and longing for more.

In conclusion, “Back to Berlin” is a remarkable achievement in electronic music. This album not only pays homage to the Berlin School tradition but also pushes the boundaries of the genre. It offers a fresh and contemporary take on classic electronic soundscapes. With its evocative compositions, meticulous production, and captivating atmosphere, “Back to Berlin” stands out. It is therefore a must-listen for anyone with an appreciation for electronic music that is both unique and undeniably beautiful.

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