Lost Radiance – Marly


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  1. Marly (part 1) [9:40]
  2. Marly (part 2) [6:11]
  3. Marly (part 3) [7:00]
  4. Marly (part 4) [8:54]
  5. Marly (part 5) [7:26]
  6. Marly (part 6) [7:50]

Nice Berlin School.

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1 review for Lost Radiance – Marly

  1. Sylvain Lupari / synth&sequences.com

    Here is a splendid surprise that I almost forgot in the chinks of my lap-top. Who is Lost Radiance? It’s a band of 4 Russian musicians (Alexander Asimov, Roman Rogov, Roman Zorin and Yuriy Miller) who simmer, together or in solo projects, an EM propelled by lively movement of sequencers or still flooded in dark atmospheres. Marly is a 2nd opus which is held far from the dark territories of Sirius Radiance, a Roman Rogov’s dark ambient music project. And I have to admit that I was totally seduced by 5 superb movements, the finale is more serene, of sequencers which draw rhythms, and their subtle evolutions, in an electronic universe filled with these magnetizing perfumes of the analog universe.

    Small butterflies filled with rhythmic tones frolic at the opening of Marly (Part 1)”. A good layer of voices

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