Manuel Gottsching – E2-E4


Released: 1981 By Spalax Music

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  1. Quiet Nervousness [13:00]
  2. Moderate Start [10:00]
  3. …And Central Game [7:00]
  4. Promise [6:00]
  5. Queen A Pawn [5:00]
  6. Glorious Fight [3:00]
  7. H.R.H.Retreats (With A Swing…) [9:00]
  8. …And Sovereignty [3:00]
  9. Draw [3:00]

One hour of hypnotic Ashra guitar playing

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4 reviews for Manuel Gottsching – E2-E4

  1. Banny / Germany

    A very great CD, I love this sound !!!!

    2002. Banny / Germany

  2. Steve Arnell / England

    Groundbreaking, innovative, concept Album.
    Manuel Gottsching manages to play one long piece based on a simple repetitive backing….and keep you fascinated and entranced throughout. His patient build up, culminating in his incredibly beautiful guitar playing yet again proves his true genius as a musician.
    This piece will live forever.

    2003. Steve Arnell / England

  3. Louie G. Bourland / USA

    After many years performing with Ash Ra Tempel (who later became Ashra), Manuel Gottsching released E2-E4″

  4. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2005 features 21 minutes of orchestral music recorded live in Berlin on March 25, 2005.
    Joining Gttsching on this release is the Zeitkratzer Ensemble.

    Get ready for a Gttsching release that begins with an accordion. Violins slip into the flow, soon followed by horns and percussion. Gradually, the tune becomes recognizable as Gttsching‘s classic E2-E4″ composition

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