Mark Jenkins – 50 Years of “Autobahn” and Far Beyond


Released: 2024 By AMP Records

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1) Early 70’s Medley (10.17)
(Atem, Harmonika, Spule 4,
Ruckzuck, Elektrisches Roulette)
2) Morgenspaziergang (2.10)
3) Kometenmelodie 2 (4.32)
4) Autobahn (10.17)
5) The Voice Of Energy (1.35)
6) Radio-Activity: The Oppenheimer Interpretation (8.24)
7) He’s A Model (3.35) Hayley Williams, vocal
8) Synthesizer (Electric Six/Tyler Spencer) (3.43)
9) Wow (Kate Bush) (3.41)
10) Ekranoplan (Mark Jenkins) (5.57)
11) Europe Endless: The L.A. Dusseldorf Interjection (9.25)

Disk 2

12) Neon Lights: West End Duet Version (6.29)
Emilie Parry-Williams, Mark O’Malley, vocals
13) You Are My Toy (Mark Jenkins) (6.29)
14) Dress/Rid Of Me (Polly J. Harvey) (4.01) Athena Fairchild, vocal
15) Je Clique L’Amour (Computer Love)/Je T’Aime (S. Gainsbourg) (5.05)
Stella Maedchen, vocal
16) Reinhard’s Hand (Ricky’s Hand: Fad Gadget/Frank Tovey) (6.22)
17) Numbers: Fersiwn Cymraeg/Computer World (4.36)
18) Word Up (Cameo/Larry Blackmon, Tomi Jenkins) (5.15)
19) Hindenburg (Mark Jenkins) (5.40)
20) Sex Objekt (6.06) Athena Fairchild, vocal
21) Endless Endless (1.25)
Bonus “Proof of Concept” Track
22) Planes, Trains and Automobiles (Mark Jenkins) (7.35)

The double CD includes a medley from the early 1970’s albums which the band never speaks about; an over 10-minute “Autobahn” and other tracks from the album; remarkable re-imaginings of “Radio-Activity” and “Europe Endless”; pieces from “The Man Machine”, “Computer World” and “Electric Cafe”.There are original pastiche tracks about ekranoplans, airships, pocket calculators and analog synthesizers.There are guest vocalists including Hayley Williams from Heaven 17 & Soft Cell and a light operatic male/female duo.There’s A LOT of vocoder and computer generated speech. Then there are striking cover versions which Kraftwerk may have created in some alternate timeline – covers of Kate Bush, Cameo, Electric Six, Fad Gadget and PJ Harvey. “Computer Love” in French, tracks for Stylophone and Casio VL1, laptops speaking Welsh – it’s a whole universe of alternate Kraftwerks. With a complete equipment list inside the gatefold sleeve, it’s over two hours of Krafty entertainment.

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