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Unreleased live tracks recorded at various venues 1983-1989

1 The Sun In Splendour 7:49
2 Red Light City 6:11
3 Moon Under Water 6:51
4 Wednesday Evening 5:34
5 Dolphin Square 5:50
6 Tell Them I Said Something 6:08
7 Souda Bay 5:46
8 Take A Chance 5:02
UKE 1983 –
9 Overture 2:06
10 The Visitor 10:10
11 Koyaanisqatsi 5:13
12 Finale 5:10

Total Running Time: 72:04

For the 40th anniversary of the legendary first UK ELECTRONICA festival at Milton Keynes in 1983, I’m pleased to be re-issuing my CD “LIVE ARCHIVES” which includes the whole of my evening set opening for Mark Shreeve and Robert Schroeder, plus many other otherwise unavailable live tracks from the period.

The CD includes pieces from various concerts 1983-1989 (also including two from the UK Electronica 1985 Festival in Sheffield headlined by Ashra) using a huge array of technology – Moog, Roland, PPG, Yamaha, OSC, Ensoniq and Korg synthesizers, sequencers, drum machines and vocoders.

The four-part UK Electronica 1983 set created with the help of an Alpha Syntauri digital synthesizer, a Roland 100M modular system and TR808 drum machine from Ian Boddy, a Minimoog from music tech expert Jim Grant and the UK’s first Sequential Prophet 600 polyphonic MIDI synth, has touches of Jean-Michel Jarre, Tim Blake, Vangelis, Klaus Schulze or Tangerine Dream, and of Philip Glass, in a cover of his minimalist classic “Koyaanisqatsi”.

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