Mark Jenkins – Modular Sessions 18 Moving Images


Released: 2023 By AMP Music

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1) She Has Your Blue Eyes (11.43)
2) I Shall Use My Time (11.32)
3) Terminator (14.46)
4) Captain Of My Soul (8.27)
5) Acts of Vengeance (11.48)

TRT 59 minutes
LTD 100
The five long synthy tracks – three over 11 minutes and one over 14 minutes long – all take their titles from movies and TV. Creator Mark Jenkins explains “these tracks use the last of the original ‘Modular Sessions’ recordings improvised with a Novation Nova synth, Zaquencer sequencer, and a setup of MIDI keyboards and modules. They were overdubbed and finalised with movie and TV inspirations in mind – the first two from the Bond movie “No Time To Die”, the others from “Terminator”, the TV show “The Blacklist” and a recent Antonio Banderas action movie”.

As well as great passages of atmospheric electronics, the tracks feature fluidly ratcheting sequencing, multiple layers of Mellotron and analog synths, driving drum machines and some cutting lead guitar. Imagine if classic 1980’s Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze and Vangelis all sat down together to work on a movie soundtrack…

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