Mark Jenkins – Moog Meditations (Re issue)


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1) LUX AETERNA (6.35)
3) ZEN GARDEN (5.37)
5) SHAMAN’S DANCE (5.46)
6) EARTHSONG (5.05)
7) ACCEPTANCE (5.05)
8) JOY OF LIFE (7.21)
9) WILL I DREAM? (5.59)
10) AFFIRMATION (6.00)

TRT 60.13

“MOOG MEDITATIONS” originally from 1998 was produced to accompany a book from Quarto on meditation techniques. But it’s not an ambient or relaxation-oriented album – the various techniques included dance, fitness and exercise, so there’s plenty of up-tempo as well as more atmospheric music.

“Lux Aeterna” and “Endless Space” open with dramatic, spacey sound textures while “Zen Garden” offers Eastern-influenced exotic layers of sound. “Hearts Of Celtia” is an Irish folk-influenced piece (re-arranged from the earlier “Space Dreams” album), while “Shaman’s Dance” has Native American rhythms under compelling sequencer tracks comparable to Deep Forest. Elsewhere flowing Moog synthesizer lines weave in between pianos, pipes and orchestral sounds. There’s plenty for fans of flautist Terry Oldfield for example, and a very Keith Jarrett-like piano solo in “Acceptance”, while “Affirmation” closes the album with a massive Vangelis-like symphonic theme.

The recording is from the exciting MIDI/digital era with strong analog-like sounds from a bank of keyboards and modules by Roland, Korg, Ensoniq, Cheetah and E-Mu all controlled by an Atari ST computer running Passport Mastertracks. Akai samplers carried ethnic voices and other audio passages.

Also being re-issued – “Space Dreams 2” (1996)

There’s a promotional video along with dozens of other Mark Jenkins album clips at

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