Matzumi – Symphony of Silence and Humility


Released: 2014 By CandyRush – Music

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  1. Symphony Prolugue
  2. Calm Down my Heart
  3. The Origin of Life
  4. The Creation
  5. The First Breath
  6. Sublime in Silence
  7. Downfall and Rebirth
  8. The Eternal Struggle
  9. A New Age is Dawning

It took over 2 year to complite but the music is beautiful. What a talent this lady is!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    Ah the music of Matzumi! What a delight! What a hearing pleasure! With her very poetic feather and her approach filled of a mixture of sensualism and mysticism, Kathrin Manz manages to amaze the ears and to touch the senses since her very beautiful and first album; In Mutatio Tempora in 2012. Ethereal and rather intense by moment, Symphony of Silence and Humility is an album dedicated to life. An album with an approach as symphonic as cinematographic which depicts the vision of Matzumi about the history of life and its evolution on earth. If the history was repeatedly run, Matzumi approaches it with an innocent coolness that Emilsam Velzquez (the Porto Rican Ron Boots) brings back with a great mixing and mastering. From its sweet scent of the Middle East and the Persian eras, Symphony of Silence and Humility floats as much in our ears as in our imagination with a musical signature unique to Matzumi, who really has the gift to build dramatic crescendo with superb orchestrations to make revive the flames of Vangelis, in a musical pattern that allies the Berlin School style to a form of progressive New Age. To achieve this very melodic filmic structure Kathrin Manz surrounds herself once again with very experienced musicians (Hellmut Wolf on flutes, Frank Steffen Mller on guitars, Sean O’Bryan Smith on bass and Emilsam Velzquez on mastering), and whose talents transcend Symphony of Silence and Humility beyond the already very symphonic borders of Bravura Apasionada.

    A soft fluty is floating over some fine tribal percussions. The voice of Matzumi roams on Symphony Prologue” with ethereal breezes which caress her telling while the slumbering rhythm breathes more and more of its tribal strikings. Slowly

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