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Released: 1986 By CUE Records

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  1. Synthation flow [4:04]MP3 soundclip of Synthation flow [3:00]
  2. Release [2:49]
  3. Spectrum phase (pt 1) [2:17]
  4. Spectrum phase (pt 2) [4:08]
  5. Under the orangish sky [3:53]
  6. For illusions far [4:45]
  7. Distant islandd start [4:23]
  8. Visions of the aquasun [8:44]
  9. Transition [3:49]
  10. The nebula dream [5:21]

Melodic and rhythmic.

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2 reviews for Michael Garrison – Images

  1. Michael Bouma / The Netherlands

    The first album I owned from Michael Garrison was In the regions of sunreturn”. I think it’s still a great album but was not able to order it from the “official “Michael Garrison” site. When I played this album at the house of a friend his classic loving mum replied positive to this music. Later I bought the “images” album which I very much like for the guitar rifs.

    2003. Michael Bouma / The Netherlands

  2. Anton van Bakel / The Netherlands

    Gladly I have been able to obtain all CD albums (after having collected many albums of Michael on Vinyl) from CUE records (later Groove). In fact the first two albums remain my favorites however once I play them on my cd-player all other albums will be played within the next two weeks or so.
    To me Michael’s music must be appreciated from the first to the last album. It is a shame he died so young.

    2007. Anton van Bakel / The Netherlands

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