Michael Rother – Sterntaler


Released: 1978 By Random

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  1. Sonnenrad [6:04]MP3 soundclip of Sonnenrad [0:30]
  2. Blauer Regen [3:11]
  3. Stromlinien [8:12]
  4. Sterntaler [6:47]
  5. Fontana di Luna [6:39]
  6. Orchestrion [3:41]

    Bonus tracks from 1993

  7. Lichter von Kairo [6:44]
  8. Patagonia Horizont [6:08]
  9. S�dseewellen – Extended Dance Remix [5:08]

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  1. Manuel Brum / Portugal

    Of all the Rother‘s classic albums from the seventies this one is my favorite. It has all of Rother‘s trademark : melodic guitar lines, discreet electronics and repetitive rhythms (courtesy of Can‘s Jaki Liebezeit).
    Some critics have compared Rother‘s music of this period to early Oldfield music, but there are more differences in my opinion : there are no folk influences in sight (typical of classic Oldfield of the seventies)and the use of minimalist forms and electronica places Rother‘s style on the classic german school.
    But the harmony and typical flowing melodies of his music makes Rother one of the few german artists possible to be admired by people who generally don’t listen to krautrock (i can imagine a Shadows fan smile at the first chords of Flammende Herzen) !
    As for the album, it’s a classic work from Rother, there are no titles to refer to, because it all flows together very easily . Rother‘s music is not so avant garde than say Neu or Cluster, but it is made with style avoiding the pigeon hole of easy listening (say New Age).

    2003. Manuel Brum / Portugal

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