Michael Shipway – Voyage To Venus


Released: 2011 By Surreal to Real

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  1. Kingfisher
  2. Mekonta
  3. Silicon Mass
  4. The Jungle
  5. The Mekon
  6. Turning Blue
  7. Submariner
  8. Kargaz
  9. Invasion
  10. Victory listen

Michael Shipway again solo with a stunning new album!!

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2 reviews for Michael Shipway – Voyage To Venus

  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com

    Rather recognized for his work within Volt, and quite recently Lamp, Michael Shipway is active on the scene of EM since 1995 with a first album entitled Beneath Folly. Voyage to Venus is his 4th solo work and a first since Spirit of Adventure in 1995. With as background the English cult sci-fi comic strip; Dan Dare Pilot of the Future, Voyage to Venus is an album which goes away from rhythms and ambiences molded in the spheres of controlled improvisations to offer 10 titles a bit more structured. Titles livened up and melodious where Michael Shipway gets dressed of airs from Mike Oldfield, offering of interesting synth/guitar duels, and Mark Shreeve with a zest of Tangerine Dream of the Miramar years. The half of Volt offers a whole range of music genres in musical structures which become soaked by dialogues of this series carried on TV by the English BBC. Voices and hubbub carefully inserted which bring a very futuristic dimension to an album which is worth seeing.

    Crystal clear sequences with strikings which alternate in a static broth, where voices and cosmic elements dip the listener right away into the parallel ambiences of Voyage to Venus, pierce the very atmospheric intro of Kingfisher”. The rhythm is light and lively. Arched on these bouncy sequences and some sober percussions

  2. Clive / England

    The CD cover and actual track listings are different on this otherwise phenomenally excellent release. Michael has a marvellous sense of melody, rhythm and production which never fails to excite on any of his ‘solo’ releases. If I find a CD with one good track on it I will usually buy, this has no less than 5 – maybe 6. On first listening I thought ‘Kingfisher’ was great but this is followed by the even better ‘The Jungle’. Surely it cant get better than this ? – but it does with both ‘Mekonta’ and what is for me now the standout track – ‘Silicon Mass’. Not a day goes by when I dont play this at least once and thats 5 months after buying it. A truly brilliant album if you like your music with great tunes and production. Possibly the best album of the last 10 years !

    2012. Clive / England

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