Michael Stearns – Encounter


Released: 1994 By Hearts of Space

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  1. Encounter (Awaiting the Other) [3:25]MP3 soundclip of Encounter [3:00]
  2. Craft (Dimensional Release) [6:23]
  3. The Beacon (Those Who Have Gone Before) [6:54]
  4. On The Way (Space Caravan) [3:48]
  5. Dimensional Shift (Across the Threshold) [5:16]
  6. Within (Choir of the Ascending Spirit) [3:50]
  7. Distant Thunder (Solitary Witness) [5:35]
  8. Alien Shore (Starlight Bay) [3:43]
  9. Procession (Sacred Ceremony) [8:46]
  10. Star Dreams (Peace Eternal) [4:06]

The ultimate space experience. Put on your headphones and enjoy

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2 reviews for Michael Stearns – Encounter

  1. Marty Stark / USA

    Great dark and powerful album. Good backround music for Halloween.

    2003. Marty Stark / USA

  2. Dale Moore / UK

    I’m a big fan of Jonn Serrie and this music is very much in the same style as his space music. Deep, floating, room filling soundscapes. Perfect for relaxing or listening to in the dark. Repeated listening reveals subtle nuances not heard before.

    2007. Dale Moore / UK

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