Mike Griffin – Pulse meditations


Released: 2006 By Hypnos

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  1. Warm SubmersionMP3 soundclip of Warm submersion [1:25]
  2. Thoughts From Another
  3. Pulse Meditation 1
  4. Pulse Meditation 2MP3 soundclip of Pulse meditation 2 [1:26]
  5. Pulse Meditation 3
  6. Speaking From the DreamMP3 soundclip of Speaking from the dream [1:20]

Bass guitar, and electronic treatments

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  1. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Mike Griffin has suddenly become quite prolific, this being his third release in the past year. The first two were minimal almost to the point of becoming little more than white noise, although very interesting and artistic white noise. This time, while the minimalist approach to ambient is still there, instead of synths Griffin has been experimenting with bass guitar, processed in a variety of unusual ways.

    The title of the disc, not to mention the sounds on the first track, Warm Submersion

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