Ministry of Inside Things – Everlasting moment


Released: 2002 By Chuck van Zyl

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  1. VM-75 Prelude [1:54]
  2. VM-75 [6:27]
  3. Tectonic Motion [4:04]
  4. Voyage For Guitar and Synth [15:58]
  5. Chromatix [11:57]
  6. Induction Loop [7:00]
  7. Heatseeker [9:58]


  8. Canopy and Constellations [3:00]
  9. Neutron Flux [19:00]
  10. Contour Adjustment [12:46]
  11. Hibernation Dreams [5:37]
  12. Dopamine Secret [5:39]
  13. Function Four [11:11]
  14. Grateful [5:43]

Mysterious, cosmic

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2 reviews for Ministry of Inside Things – Everlasting moment

  1. Michael Foster / Ambientvisions

    Art Cohen (electric guitar) and Chuck van Zyl (synths) have had the opportunity to play live at a variety of interesting venues over the past several years.
    While their music touches on many of the hallmarks of Berlin-School Spacemusic (cyclical sequencer patterns beneath soaring lead melodies contrasted by passages of deep synth tones and glissando guitar), they bring their own influences and innovation to the process. The result is a sound that is uniquely individual.
    Better known as The Ministry of Inside Things, the duo released a new 2 CD set at their performance at The Gatherings Concert Series on 15 November 2003.
    Music from this double disc set has been drawn from several year 2002 performances including those on Star’s End, Nocturnal Transmissions, Emusic and Soundscapes and features definitive live versions of classic MoIT pieces like Neutron Flux”

  2. John Garaguso / Progressive Soundscapes radio

    The Ministry of Inside Things are Chuck van Zyl on synths and Art Cohen on electric guitars.
    Considered by many to be among the most innovative artists of today’s electronic music scene, their music is filled with eloquently written dream-like melodies punctuated by searing electronic guitar riffs. Their performances combine sequences, guitartronics, atmospheres and experimental timbres expertly weaved into hypnotically mesmerizing themes. They have a unique gift of combining organic and metallic textures smoothly, which speaks volumes of the technical skills of van Zyl and Cohen.
    Their performances are based largely on improvisation, creating electronic realizations that flow from theme to theme oftentimes with performances lasting well over 2 hours. I once had the pleasure of witnessing the MOIT perform a non-stop 4 hour set which was broadcasted live over the internet. It was truly amazing.

    2004. John Garaguso / Progressive Soundscapes radio

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