Mark Jenkins – Modular Sessions 17: Perpetual Music


Released: 2023 By AMP Records

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1) “Perpetual Music” (Mark Jenkins) (78.56)

“Perpetual Music”, a massive 78m56s synth and sequencer track which starts and ends with the same musical phrase..
Suitably equipped CD players or software can make the music loop endlessly, taking the listener through textures and sequences that will in turn excite, entrance and relax – or you can always get up and start it playing again by hand…
Synth pioneer Mark Jenkins created the piece in a single session inspired by minimalist electronic epics “E2-E4” by Manuel Gottsching/Ashra, “Waiting For Cousteau” by Jean-Michel Jarre, “A Rainbow In Curved Air” by Terry Riley or “Departure From The Northern Wasteland” by Michael Hoenig. “But ‘Perpetual Music’ runs for longer than any of these, and potentially indefinitely” he explains. “There are multiple sequences running most of the time, alongside some analog drum sounds and more floating, ambient sections. The main virtual synth is a very snappy ARP 2600 and sequencer, then loads of other instruments pile in on top”.

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