Moonbooter – EVIL 18DE


Released: 2018 By MellowJet Records

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  1. Outside SPACE (deconstructed [5:37]
  2. Inside Space (in the club [5:01]
  3. Perfect Stranger (Season 2 [7:32]
  4. Caught by Melancholy (against all odds [7:44]
  5. Cosmic Thunder (Carpenters [6:51]
  6. I remembered tomorrow (Kiss me tonight [7:07]
  7. L I F O (epic [6:41]
  8. Schnurstraks (deaerated [6:57]
  9. Zwischenspiel00:56
  10. Good bye Elements (space travelers [6:19]
  11. Now and then (Nice [5:58]
  12. Years later (Ich bin alleine [6:34]

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  1. Sylvain Lupari

    EVIL is a palindrome. Simply read it backwards. 18 stands for 2018 and DE for Deutschland. EVIL 18DE was recorded in concert during the performance of Moonbooter at the Electronic Music 2 held at the Planetarium Mnster on March 3, two months before the release of Cosmosonic. Offered in CD-r HQ format and download, the album breathes more a performance without public since Bernd Scholl has removed all traces of the attendance, as it does with all his albums in concert. And all in all, this EVIL 18DE breathes novelty too, because very clever the one who could correctly identify the 12 titles on it. Nine tracks, all remixed, of Cosmosonic are present. Some have similarities while others simply come out of nowhere, deep from the left field. There are two tracks drawn from Zeitenwende and Cosmophonica albums and a little new one which is just a short ambiospheric passage.

    Like its mix suggests, Outside Space (Deconstructed Mix)” is quite the opposite of its version on the album Cosmosonic. It’s It is a long title of more or less cosmic ambiances which shows that Moonbooter is very comfortable in the ambient spaces. Meanwhile

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