Moonbooter vs Wellenfeld – Live M�nster 2015


Released: 2015 By MellowJet Records

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  1. Time (Livemix M�nster 2015) [9:11]
  2. Timeless Gravitation (Livemix M�nster 2015) [8:38]
  3. Welcome to the Past (Livemix M�nster 2015) [6:45]
  4. Vintage Attack (Livemix M�nster 2015) [6:49]
  5. Lifetime (Livemix M�nster 2015) [5:05]
  6. Ring Modular (Livemix M�nster 2015) [6:58]
  7. Meeting Mr. B (Livemix M�nster 2015) [6:44]
  8. Days of Silence (Livemix M�nster 2015) [7:35]
  9. Looming the Doom | Spirit of Time | Phase 5 [8:10]
  10. Sine Wave (Livemix M�nster 2015) [6:14]
  11. The Wave (Livemix M�nster 2015) [5:43]

Live set from their concert in Munster.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    The music of Moonbooter and Wellenfeld fits together perfectly well. If one, Moonbooter, likes more the style of dance music, the other one likes injecting a dose of dark depth and of Berlin School to their music. And both have a propensity without equal in the art to create melodic threads which always find a taker for the most demanding ears. The table was set so that both key artists of the MellowJet Records label unite rhythms, harmonies and cosmic atmospheres within the framework of a concert entitled The Dark Side given at the Mnster Planetarium in Germany on October 24th, 2015. The music of this concert turns mainly around the last albums from Moonbooter, The Wave, and of Elements from Wellenfeld. A quick incursion is also made in the albums Pandemic and Phase V from the duet Detlef Dominiczak/ Andreas Braun as well as in Moonbooter’s Cosmoromantics album.

    It’s with the soft rhythm of Time” that Moonbooter VS WellenfeldLive Munster 2015 begins its musical trip between our ears. The music is appreciably identical

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