MoonSatellite – Missing Time


Released: 2011 By PWM Distribution

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  1. Missing Time Part I [21:15]
  2. Missing Time Part II [17:59]
  3. Missing Time Part III [7:28]
  4. Missing Time Part IV [12:28]
  5. Missing Time Part V [8:53]

This is the perfect mix between Jarre and Berlin School recommended

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    We don’t have enough of our two ears to follow all that goes on in the spheres of EM. We try to listen and discover as much as possible but there is always something which passes under the radar. Like Missing Time from Moonsatellite. Those who are familiar with the musical universe of Lone Wolf know of what his music is forged. For those who aren’t, it’s strongly influenced by Jean Michel Jarre’s Oxygene/Equinoxe era. Except that Missing Time is different. It’s a union of romantic and cosmic French School with a more exploratory Berlin School of the Schulze years, more particularly his period Blackdance and especially Body Love. But chiefly, it’s a superb album set by three wonderful tracks which throne very well above the five movements of Missing Time.

    Winds with twisted curls roll in a cosmic mood where plaintive voices float in an electronic environment which sounds as a fusion of Oxygen and Magnetic Fields from Jarre open the corridors of the Milky Ways which immerge the very long first part of Missing Time. The opening is simply delicious with this cosmic atmosphere which seems frozen in a black hole. The impression of being totally to immerse in a cosmic fauna is very absorbing, especially with headphones. And from the first stammerings of sequences which move forward stealthily, Missing Time I” entails us in the slow morphic spiral of the analog years. The rhythm is soft. Hyper soft! It climbs the staircases of time embalmed by angelic choruses and lunar ambiences which flirt stunningly with those of Jarre. Supplied with its airtight pulsations the rhythm follows its upward curve

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