Mystical Light – Beyond the Horizonsleep


Released: 2013 By Wilkes

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  1. The Awakening [6:52]
  2. Coko’s Theme [8:58]
  3. Sequencing the Elements [6:43]
  4. Quantum Lounge [5:50]
  5. Secrets of Taklamakan [7:23]
  6. Aurora Borealis [6:49]
  7. Eternal Peace [7:21]
  8. Return to Skye [9:03]
  9. Between galaxies [8:56]
  10. The Clava Cairns [4:49]
  11. Hymn [5:47]

A wonderful mix of powerfull music and soft atmosphere pieces. When they asked me to master this CD I rightaway said yes! It sounds wondeful a great new Duo!!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    You remember Yog Sothoth, or if you prefer Michael Wilkes? Of his heavy and powerful rhythms which terrorized our ears in Prehistoric Dawn? Well he is half of Mystical Light. The other half is Andr Willms who, under the name of Astral Cookies, develops an EM closer to ethereal cosmic ambiences. Mystical Light is the fusion of both genres, and their first album, Beyond the Horizon, breathes of these two contrarieties to give a powerful album of EM with a deep cosmic dimensions. Electronic cosmic rock, in the purest of the analog year’s traditions, where the shade of Vangelis‘ orchestral arrangements overhangs tracks where the melancholy and the anger mix in a surprising harmony that Ron Boots has finely orchestrated.

    It’s with a line of sequences that makes spin its keys in a stifling oscillating spiral that The Awakening” extricates itself from the icy nothingness of this new silvery disc. A muffled pulsation binds itself in this line while that insidiously another line emerges to make flutter around these silvery keys. The pulsations accelerate the pace of a static rhythm which welcomes some fine layers of a morphic synth

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