Mystical Light – Full Moon Rising


Released: 2015 By Wilkes

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  1. Adrift [6:46]
  2. Signs of Life [5:02]
  3. Quantum Leap [6:23]
  4. Stranded [8:31]
  5. Fly me to the Moon [6:10]
  6. Lost on the Dark Side [6:44]
  7. Pulse [5:32]
  8. Gravitational Vortex [6:19]
  9. Mare Tranquillitatis [5:48]
  10. Silent [10:05]
  11. Full Moon Rising [5:54]
  12. The Selenites [5:53]

A wonderful mix of powerfull music and soft atmosphere pieces.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    Andr Willms and Michael Wilkes had simply mystified the aficionados of EM in 2013 with a hard-hitting album which allied the ambiences of Astral Cookies, Andr Willms’ musical project, to the music heavily sequenced and very livened up by Yog Sothoth, project of Michael Wilkes. The question doubtless was to know if Mystical Light would go beyond the horizons of Beyond the Horizon. Difficult to do better! Nevertheless the W duet is not very far behind. Even with an approach which could confuse more than one! Full Moon Rising is less subtle. Always embalmed of intoxicating flavors of a Berlin School hammered by good sequences and by heavy percussions, this 2nd album of Mystical Light is more direct. Let’s say that it doesn’t go in for subtleties with an approach concentrated on rhythms which rock between a kind of IDM, without its psybient elements, and a very robotic, a very cosmic techno. Once again, it’s our ears, our walls and our neighbors which suffer from it most…

    A slender line of wind coming from the North, sound particles filled of prism, muffled knockings and a sinuous line of oscillations build the Mephistophelian rhythmic approach of Adrift”.Full Moon Rising starts with a cannon shot. Twinkling sequences decorate a sonic constellation inspired by the Stratosfear years. The rhythm is heavy and dark. Wrapped by beautiful synth pads perfumed of iridescent colors

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