N-Tribe – Tower of power


Released: 1998 By Groove Unlimited

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  1. Space [14:49]MP3 soundclip of Space [3:00]
  2. Speech [12:24]MP3 soundclip of Speech [3:00]
  3. Speed [19:09]
  4. Questions [7:33]MP3 soundclip of Questions [3:00]

Rhythmic, trance-like soundscapes

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4 reviews for N-Tribe – Tower of power

  1. Phil Derby / Electroambient Space

    Named after a modern art show in 1998, Tower of Power was previously only available to attendees of the show as part of the events catalogue. Thankfully the general EM-buying public can now hear this very good music by Steve Baltes and Harald Grosskopf.

    Four lengthy sonic excursions are allowed room to grow, starting with the rhythmic gyrations of Space”. Modern and edgy

  2. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2004 offers 54 minutes of intriguing modern electronic music.
    N-Tribe is: Harold Grosskopf and Steve Baltes.

    A passage of remote-sounding percussion ushers the listener into the first track, a realm of blooping electronics and drifting atmospherics that gradually leads to a panorama of wobbling tempos pulsating in an astral field of mounting intensity. As the rhythms grow more defined and begin to display stability, the harmonics adopt a more ghostly demeanor, establishing an ethereal flow that compliments the sturdily languid beats with distinct rave sentiments.
    With the next track, the style mutates into more trippy territory. Entitled Speech”

  3. Alejandro Hinojosa

    Harald Grosskopf and Steve Baltes know each other well enough to guarantee a total understanding that generates such convincing productions as Tower of Power”.
    Their music

  4. Paul Rijkens / SonicImmersion.org

    In the beginning of 1998, Harald Grosskopf was asked by his friend, the visual artist Mischa Kuball, to produce music for one of his events called Tower Of Power”.
    A CD of the project was released

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