Nattefrost – De som sejrede (mp3)


Released: 2004 By Nattefrost

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  1. Mod Lindisfarne
  2. Sejlende gennem dybe dale
  3. I krig
  4. Slaget som varede evigt
  5. SvErdet
  6. Stormende mod fjenden
  7. TOrnets krigere
  8. Nattefrost
  9. Mit hedenske blod
  10. VintersolhvervMP3 soundclip of Vintersolhverv [3:00]

    Bonus tracks (Previously unreleased)

  11. Near UFOMP3 soundclip of Near ufo [1:31]
  12. Mit hedenske blod (Tor Brandt Remix)

Atmospheric ambient with classical edges

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  1. A.N.U.S.

    1.Mod Lindisfarne (Towards Lindisfarne)
    This track features a very gloomy, monotonous melody that seem to envision a threatening host coming ever closer. Listening to it, you seem to realize the waves of destiny that brought the Viking ships to Lindisfarne, to unleash their fury on the Monks, followers of Kvitekrist.

    2.Sejlende gjennom Dybe Dale (Sailing through deep valleys)
    Here we can hear the sound of a tremendous, looming nature, ever reminding us of the insignificance of men and their pathetic wars. In the background of the main melody, being of strokers, we hear the sea be plowed by the ships bow, and a drum being beaten to a constant pulse. As if of the very heart of Utgard itself. Then, military style, a short duration of sharper drums follow, and we are back at the beginning and the song ends. Many interpretations are possible here, mans war against nature, nature gathering her forces, or perhaps even the Norse as representatives of what is healthy and natural.

    3 I Krig (In War)
    This very progressive track gives us the sound of violins that develop further and farther as the song progresses. War here is maybe not viewed as something negative, but as something developing, following the course of blood. The violins stop abruptly, as if the hear of the warrior stop beating.

    4 Slaget Som Varede Evigt (The battle that lasted eternally)
    At once we are taken into a rhythmic, hypnotic melody going very deep. Clashes of forces are shown here, with ill boding sounds in the background, followed by a reassuring, epic tune. Truly, this must be the forces of chaos and order meeting each other, to negate each other at the age of Ragnarok Halfway through the track, the melody becomes more intense, more all consuming in it’s presentation. A single stroker is added to the background. The looming sounds, followed by reassuring ones, get more underlined at the end, until it all fades out.

    5.Svrdet (The sword)
    Flutes initialize this song, then strokers are added. First violins, then a cello.Then the progression starts, with bells, as if dwarfs are imbuing magic in their items with their hammers. The whole thing grows more and more intense, a trumpet, harbinger of glory is heard in the background. To the sound of bells..the track fades out. This is one of my favorites.

    6.Stormende Mot Fienden (Storming towards the enemy)
    We are thrown into the fray by a typical horror movie organic play, that seem to go up and down and linger. Where did the glory of combat go, the natural call of thy blood? Here we are thrown back into a harsh reality, where young men, tender flesh, are open for the embrace of cold iron. Where is the tranquility in their death screams, the peace in their twisted faces? Nowhere. A drum of doom hammers this down at the end, along with ill boding symbals.

    7.Trnets Krigere (The warriors of the tower)
    Compelling, indulging, a melodic beat starts this one of, with bells chiming a curious tone if the aftermath of it’s wake, over and over. Then it starts, a cosmic, strung played melody that seem to bring you far out into dimensions undreamed of. The might of these warriors cannot be perceived by mere humans, and the secrets they guard could be the foundations of the world itself, the keys to existence. Something tells me that even Wotan himself would have second thoughts of entering this spiritually enchanted place. An additional edge of horror is reached with scary sounds at the back of the cosmic strings. And it ends….One of the best tracks I must say.

    8.Nattefrost (Nightfrost)
    A very sad melody are followed by cosmic sounds, as if a god in torture an loneliness in the uttermost of space. Mechanical, if not digital tunes seem to be the electric impulses that flows through his brain. They increase in intensity, until strokers bring us back to the vantage point. To create, but still be what you are. This reflects the creator of the music.

    9. Mitt Hedenske Blod (My heathen blood)
    This song starts with a drum, accompanied by a heavy church bell, and several small ones. Their speed is lessened, only to give room to a contemplative bell play. Maybe the creator of this track wonders about his purpose? Strings follow, in an impressive, medieval style sound of wisdom. Very playful, this is the track that stands out the most from the other material. The drum signify a heart, either of the individual, or at a larger scale, that of the pulsating north. The little bells gives the impression of a coldness, further envisioning this view. After a time, with the strings accompanying it, the drums come back, more powerful now. The hear beats harder, as if wakening up from a long sleep. Strokers take over, giving us an epic feel to it all. The strings come once again, concluding a very powerful Nordic message. Good.

    10.Vintersolverv (Winter solstice)
    A depressive tune starts this one off, that lingers and go deeper, repeating itself monotonously.. In addition, cosmic sounds come, as if the electric surges in the brain of a lonely creature. I visualize a lonely man wandering over a desolate tundra, lost in the vastness of his own contemplative. Thoughts. A singe violin comes to play, augmenting the already lonely feeling. Far into the background, strange metallic sounds can be heard, barely audible. The melody stops, leaving only these to play as the song ends. The industry of humans, or the mechanization of our souls can be the interpretation for this.

    2005. A.N.U.S.

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