Nattefrost – Futurized


Released: 2013 By Sireena

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  1. Westhofen [5:35]
  2. Electro Shock (Feat. Remember Green) [5:09]
  3. Poliment (Feat. Michel Moers) [4:18]
  4. Beware of the Destiny [3:21]
  5. Ghost Mind (Feat. Dorvo) [5:08]
  6. Futurized [9:37]
  7. Will I get to your Heart (Feat. Michael Moers) [4:54]
  8. 793 [5:12]
  9. Red Angel [4:02]
  10. While asleep (Feat. Michel Moers) [4:53]

Nattefrost music had the legandary Michel Moers from Telex on board. With some vocals but wery cool.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / & synth&

    Winds of Orion, and its quirky sounds, are dragging the cardiac pulsations of a beat at the dawn of its excitement which resounds in dusts of stars, while that the rhythm of Westhofen” has difficulty in finding its cruising speed. A stroboscopic line extricates itself from this indecision. It winds in its circular approach in order to follow some keyboard keys with a shade of voices and to bind itself to the muffled but steady pulsations. Curt and sharp bangs-bangs tremble in our ears and stamp a robotics rhythm. And “Westhofen” to vibrate upright with an approach a bit technod where the rhymes of a vocoder get lost in chords and harmonious riffs which untie the track it from its cybernetic substance while that the twisted solos of synth try to bring it back into the territories of Berlin School. Puzzling? One would be at least! Welcome in the wonderful universe of the stunning rhythms and smooth cybernetic ambiences of Nattefrost. Since that the Danish synth warlock made us discover his first chords of Absorbed in Dreams and Yearning in 2006

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