Neu! – Neu! 2


Released: 1973 By Groenland

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  1. F�r Immer [11:00]MP3 soundclip of Fur immer [3:00]
  2. Spitzenqualit�t [4:58]
  3. Gedenkminute (F�r A + K) [1:00]
  4. Lila Engel [4:35]
  5. Neuschnee 78 [2:30]
  6. Super 16 [3:37]
  7. Neuschnee [3:59]
  8. Cassetto [1:50]
  9. Super 78 [1:35]
  10. Hallo Excentrico! [3:43]
  11. Super [3:07]

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2 reviews for Neu! – Neu! 2

  1. Damien McVeigh

    In desperation to finish the album somehow, Klaus Dinger, one of the two multi-instrumentalists who made up this incarnation of Neu! along with Michael Rother, hit upon the idea of recording both sides of a previously released Neu! single Super”/”Neuschnee” at differing speeds. So the second half of the album features these tracks at normal pace

  2. Matt P.

    The behind-the-scenes story of Neu! 2 has become the stuff of legend. When Neu! went into the studio to record their second album, they were short on cash and tunes and ran out of both in the middle of the job.

    To come up with enough music to fill an LP record, Michael Rother and Klaus Dinger took the songs Super” and “Neuschnee” and re-recorded them at different speeds (both got 78 rpm treatment and there is a cut of “Super” at 16 rpm). That should have been enough filler on its own but

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