Neuronium – New visitor


Released: 1981 By Tuxedo

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  1. The Visitor [4:52]MP3 soundclip of The visitor [3:00]
  2. A Strange Affair [12:46]
  3. Rendez-Vous [5:27]
  4. The Light Of Your Eyes [13:24]

Analog sounds and vocoder voices

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1 review for Neuronium – New visitor

  1. Radu Cinamara / Romania

    I first time listened to this LP in 1988. It got to me under the name of NeuTronium with no album title and no year of release. Please understand, in Eastern Europe not to much info had gotten whilst communism was the absolute ruler.
    As an electronic and new age music listener and collector, I thought that I had heard enough and nothing new would come to my ears. It proved to be wrong, awfully wrong. After the ‘audition’ (it was a recording made on a magneto tape, a copy after a ‘first hand’ recording made from the original LP, I was told) shattered is the only word that can describe how I felt for the rest of the day.
    It proved to be the best and the real electronic music I was looking for, being fed up with the Jarre and Vangelis crap we were given as the single choice to hear something different.
    I remember saying to myself whilst listening to ‘The visitor’ : What’s a human voice doing in electronic music? only to be seriously shaken in ‘A strange affair’ where galloping sound spirals were falling onto my head altogether with the Godlike voice coming from the deepness of space finalizing with the ‘eternal’ fall like an avalanche of Universe’s history… What a moment!
    And now, after 15 years of countless efforts towards finding who is NeuTronium and the mind bogging, jaw dropping LP, I finally get the right answer: NeuroniumThe Visitor (1981).
    Thank you.

    2003. Radu Cinamara / Romania

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