Numina + Zero Ohms – Broken Stars through brilliant Clouds


Released: 2015 By Spotted Peccary Music

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  1. Secrets of the Treasure House of Stars
  2. A Day Without Time
  3. Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds
  4. Night of the Falling Planets
  5. Of an Uncertain Mythos

Rhythmic ambience

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / &

    What can we say of more music about the music of Zero Ohms? Just like in Process of Being, Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds is made of air masses in continual movements. Winds, textures of winds and some more wind where the American flutist, and afterward synthesist, manages to extract abstract some abstract melodies which, as the course of clouds, take dreamlike forms. This time, the sculptor of wind teams up with another artist renamed to pull out forms of mistral of his synthesizers; Numina. The result could only give an ambient album. A very quiet album where both bards to poems drawn from the murmurs of the trade winds are proposing an hour of rejuvenation which takes all its dimension our ears well shielded from the external bad weather. In a good headset!

    Secrets of the Treasure House Of Stars” begins this symphony for breezes and winds with a somber droning wave which entails in its furrow some fine particles of zephyr. It’s like a long reverberating strand which drags sibylline harmonies blown a horn of trade winds. It’s quiet. Very quiet! Zero Ohms and Numina unite their windstorm shadows which eventually form masses of compact still harmonies where the singings of the winds are blowing such as the sighs of fallen angels. “Secrets of the Treasure House Of Stars” evolves very slowly. A little as a cloud of magma on a flat ground which spreads little by little its mass. Only the lamentations of Zero Ohms’ flutes succeed in piercing this dense compact sonic task which little by little abandons its passive crescendo for a finale more ethereal. “A Day Without Time” is the least disturbing track on Broken Stars Through Brilliant Clouds. Although dark

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