O Head – Steps across the cortex


Released: 2005 By Compact Disc Services

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  1. Twilight Pilot [8:49]
  2. Otherworldly Journeys [8:51]
  3. The Loneliness of the Deep Space Traveller [13:08]
  4. Oracle Eye [11:00]
  5. Delta Celphi [10:29]
  6. Colours Become Shape [25:46]


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1 review for O Head – Steps across the cortex

  1. Phil Derby

    A warbly bass synth sequence, some male sci-fi dialogue in the background, and were off and running on another spacey O-Head release, as if Silent Universe were only yesterday, not seven years prior.

    A light vintage synth lead and a thumping beat also emerge, and the feeling on Twilight Pilot” is very familiar

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