Omega Syndicate – Phonosphere


Released: 2005 By Synth Music Direct

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  1. Our Communication Satellite Has Disappeared [15:04]
  2. Onyx [21:55]MP3 soundclip of Onyx [1:35]
  3. Phonosphere Part 1 [1:05]
  4. Phonosphere Part 2 [6:48]
  5. Phonosphere Part 3 [7:45]
  6. Phonosphere Part 4 [1:23]
  7. Phonosphere Part 5 [6:46]
  8. Phonosphere Part 6 [0:52]
  9. Phonosphere Part 7 [6:57]

Rhythm, melody, power

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  1. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

    This release from 2006 features 69 minutes of spacey electronic music. The first two tracks were created in the Mind Cavern, UK, on February 22, 2004; the rest of the music was recorded live at the National Space Center, Leicester, on November 13, 2004.
    The Omega Syndicate is: David Gurr and Xan Alexander, joined by Stuart Jackson for the Mind Cavern gig.

    Leave your homeworld far behind and join the Omega Syndicate on a thrilling voyage that spans the solar system and ventures far beyond. Astral tonalities waft and coalesce, generating dreamy passages rich with otherworldly sentiments. Cosmic keyboards provide delicate melodies to this harmonic expanse. Looping sequences emerge, cavort and merge with each other, creating a lavish resonance of stellar pulsations.
    Imagine a journey deep into the sun, where flows of incandescent plasma are converted into streaming sound. Steadfast patterns are evident, augmented by incidental sonic events which rise and sink as the music persists. The more resilient sequences endure, mutating with subtlety, devilishly creating new harmonics that continue to change.
    Meanwhile, a constant parade of hazy patterns weave among these aural nebulas, punctuating the cloudy regions with an endless array of enticing riffs.What starts out as a sparse sonic environment swiftly mounts into a deluge of lush electronic textures drenched with mesmerizing appeal.
    While generally devoid of crescendos, this music achieves a pleasant level that serves to entrance the audience with entertaining stability.

    2006. Matt Howarth / Sonic Curiosity

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