OSE – Hervé Picart/Mark Jenkins – 1984


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1) Winston (4.17)
2) Julia (6.50)
3) O’Brien (6.05)
4) Hate Week (6.17)
5) Miniluv (1.30)
6) Thought Police (5.51)
7) Minipax (1.30)
8) Pornosec (4.33)
9) Minitrue (1.30)
10) Doublethink (4.38)
11) Miniplenty (1.30)
12) Room 101 (5.41)
13) Big Brother (1.04)

TRT 51.16

This Anglo-French collaboration between two busy music journalist/composers completes a trilogy inspired by classic books of speculative fiction following “Foucault’s Pendulum” and “3-Body Problem”.

Ose formed originally as the duo of Hervé Picart and French electronic music pioneer Richard Pinhas for a single legendary album “Adonia”. Recently Picart revived the name with new releases in the same melodic electronic style.

Tracks on “1984” depict the central characters Winston, Julia and their antagonist O’Brien with waves of electronic sound, driving rhythms and dramatic climaxes. There are short callsigns for the Ministries of Love, Truth, Peace and Plenty as well as the chilling “Room 101”. The duo uses hardware and software synthesizers, sequencers and vocoders to create compelling, melodic tracks reminiscent of Vangelis, Tangerine Dream, Kraftwerk, Jan Hammer and The Alan Parsons Project.

“1984” and the two earlier Ose collaborations are available through CD mail order specialists and Amazon UK. As with all other releases there is no download or streaming option.

Extracts video at youtu.be/x9QE7echpAE

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