OSE Hervé Picart + Mark Jenkins – Foucault’s Pendulum


Released: 2024 By AMP Records

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1) The Pendulum (6.24)
2) Casaubon (5.22)
3) Belbo (5.49)
4) Diotallevi (5.45)
5) Colonel Ardenti (5.30)
6) The Plan (5.22)
7) Telluric Currents (4.55 )
8) Synarchic Knights (5.10 )
9) The Chase (4.37)
10) The Death of Belbo (6.17)
11) The Pendulum Stops (2.30)

From the moment a giant pendulum seems to sweep back and fore through your head, to the mysterious reverberant cityscapes, pounding sequencers and drum machines, melodic guitars and swirling synthesizers, “Foucault’s Pendulum” will appeal to anyone who enjoys the finest French as well as the Anglo-German style of electronic music. Ose was launched in 1978 by Hervé Picart with the acclaimed album “Adonia” in collaboration with Richard Pinhas of Heldon. Recently Hervé revived the Ose name with a series of new albums about imaginary planets or classic books, and also appeared in the collaborative CD series “Modular Sessions”. Series editor Mark Jenkins then invited him to a full scale collaboration based on a shared favourite novel, the worldwide award winner by Umberto Eco.Eco himself says “don’t compare my book to “The DaVinci Code”. Dan Brown would be merely a character in my novel – it’s about just what can happen when people start believing in all this occult stuff”. So the album maps out the characters of the three main protagonists in a fantastical international conspiracy, their enemies the stern “Colonel Ardenti” and the mysterious “Synarchic Knights”, and the thrilling chases and deceptions between them.Almost an hour of music swirls from classic Mellotron flutes and choirs or the PolyMoog’s precise analog strings, to clattering analog drum machines, MiniMoog leads, sparkling PPG Wave 2 digital sweeps, the EMS Synthi and multiple layered Moog Modular sequences. You’ll love it all if you like Jean-Michel Jarre, Heldon, Zanov and Space Art, or Tangerine Dream movie soundtracks, Johannes Schmoelling, Bowie & Eno, Jan Hammer and Redshift.

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