Otarion – Extensive


Released: 2019 By MellowJet Records

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  1. unreality [6:20]
  2. The Way [7:07]
  3. unpredictable [7:20]
  4. crucial now [8:24]
  5. wayward [7:19]
  6. The summit [7:12]
  7. Stay tuned to understand [14:16]
  8. recollection [6:42]
  9. welcome to reality [10:22]

A new Otarion is always excited.

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  1. Sylvain Lupari

    Expect the unexpected! This adage fits very well to the music of Otarion. But never like in EXTENSIVE where Rainer Klein transcends the musical genre of the German label MellowJet Records, which is more oriented towards a style of Electronica, if even not Techno. Except for Otarion! And yet it was felt coming from album to album. The synthesist-musician native of Siegen increasingly eyeing the big heavy electronic progressive and symphonic rock with a cinematic vision. That’s exactly what his latest album is made of. With guitars that sound like those comets raging and screaming of emotions of Thorsten Quaeschning’s repertoire, immersive organ layers spit with a level of intensity, those heavy and slow rhythms, EXTENSIVE gathers all the absolute ingredients to create a poignant soundtrack that can be glued to some very different stories of life. Apart from these elements that give shivers to the soul, the 75 minutes of this flow without inte r ruptions, with a Rainer Klein in full control of Otarion, are weaving a more than intense album where riffs of guitars and keyboards, the sequences and drums, not to mention the many percussive effects, are running a heavy electronic rock without air bubbles, nor bubbles of water in the foundation. And say that it all starts with innocent piano notes cajoling some distant electronic breezes.

    Unreality” offers a sad introduction laid down by these piano notes that raise the layers of voice while awakening a guitar already spewing its venom. The intensity rises like this water which gradually floods these roads when the flow is jostled by time. Barely arrived

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