Par Example – Pharos


Released: 1989 By Quantum Productions

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  1. Flarepath [9:44]MP3 soundclip of Flarepath [3:00]
  2. Cometary Impulse [15:25]
  3. Pharos
    1. First [10:41]
    2. Middle [7:56]
    3. Final [11:07]

Mix of classic Electronic Music with progressive, symphonic elements and excellent guitar sounds

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  1. Erwin Broers / Belgium

    I am very happy that this excellent EM has been released on CD… at last !!! My first experience with Par Example‘s music was back in 1989 at the KLEMday in Best (Eindhoven) where the duo performed their tape Pharos”. Even before the gig started I was impressed by the mass of analogue gear that filled the tiny stage. So analogue music it is

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