Patrick O’Hearn – Glaciation


Released: 2007 By MRI

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  1. Intension And Objective [2:33]
  2. Under Weigh [2:46]
  3. The Approaching Ice [3:14]
  4. Oblique Formations [3:05]
  5. Forsaken Beauty [2:27]
  6. Our Temperable Host [3:50]
  7. Resourceful Adaptation [4:05]
  8. Upon Solitary Expanse [2:36]
  9. Glaciation [4:14]MP3 soundclip of Glaciation [3:00]
  10. Gradual Understanding [2:23]
  11. Better Times Ahead [2:34]
  12. A Safe Return [2:57]
  13. Beneath The Celestial Sphere [6:21]

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  1. Erwin Broers / Belgium

    I have been a fan of Patrick OHearns music ever since he started his career at Private Music back in the latter half of the 80s. Whereas his first albums are more upbeat (or popish, if you prefer), his style shifted over the last decade to a more introverted, delicate and (sometimes) sombre atmosphere.

    His latest opus Glaciation is a perfect illustration of this. The cover, an image of the Icelandic glacier lake Jokulsarlon, gives you a hint of what to expect.
    Music to chill out ?”

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