Paul Ellis – Appears to vanish


Released: 2000 By Synth Music Direct

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  1. Appears to Vanish Part. 1 [14:28]MP3 soundclip of Part 1 [3:00]
  2. Appears to Vanish Part. 2 [15:39]
  3. Appears to Vanish Part. 3 [15:20]

    Bonus track:

  4. Mysterious Sketches [25:22]

4 long analog pieces. Paul Ellis is 1/3 of Dweller at the Threshold

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2 reviews for Paul Ellis – Appears to vanish

  1. Roy Jackson / UK

    Paul EllisAppears to Vanish album from 2000, is a great introduction to his music. It starts out very much in the vein of a Berlin School excursion, but doesn’t take long to branch out into much more than simply just that. Paul is a unique artist and pioneer, and is not one who lets himself get bogged down in already well trodden paths. No,with Paul you have to be in somewhat of the holiday spirit, and be prepared to try something a little more exotic and new. Paul may start out this album as if it were to be a full on retro fest,but this is merely the launch pad for him to take you to new and exciting places you will have never been before.
    The best way to enjoy this album is to sit back and place yourself in Paul’s safe hands, and simply enjoy the ride. In this mindset you will be open to fully experience the splendour of what is on offer here.

    During this album, Paul swerves off the beaten track and then delights you with a tour of lands and places you never new existed. The music never stays in one place for too long, and you’ll be introduced to more and more interesting sights and experiences as the journey progresses. All you have to do is be a little attentive, and be open to these new experiences so that you don’t miss out on all the wonderful things that will pass before you.

    You will be so absorbed by this 70 minute tour, that you won’t believe by the end of it that you were travelling for that long, and will be left still wanting more.
    Well fortunately, there is plenty more where that came from when you’re ready for it, as Paul has many more trips lined up for you. All you have to do is book.

    2006. Roy Jackson / UK

  2. Erwin Broers / Belgium

    Influences from mid-70’s Tangerine Dream are quite obvious on the first track, but from then on Paul Ellis leads us through pristine soundscapes. Indeed, this CD is much more than just copying Froese and Co. from the Stratosfear” era. We do hear the unavoidable Mellotron but also soundscapes

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