Paul Ellis – From Out Of The Vast Comes Nearness


Released: 2011 By Spotted Peccary Music

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  1. The Infinite Minute By Minute…
  2. The Click And Chime Of Passing Time…
  3. Firefly Rising Outshined By The Moo…
  4. From Out Of The Vast Comes Nearness…
  5. Watch The Stars Come One By One…

Recalling the classic works of genre masters like Tangerine Dream, Klaus Schulze or Vangelis; but with a restrained modern air

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2 reviews for Paul Ellis – From Out Of The Vast Comes Nearness

  1. The Ambient Review

    A very entertaining and diverse work that often manages to transcendthe boundaries of its genre as it attempts to reach ever higher into thestratosphere.

    2011. The Ambient Review

  2. Stars End

    An episodic travelogue through the advanced magic of Ellis animatedmusical imagination.

    2011. Stars End

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