Perceptual Defence – Emotional Ruins (2CD)


Released: 2023 By Syngate Records

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CD 1
1. – Emotional Ruins – Part One 04:10
2. – Emotional Ruins – Part Two 11:17
3. – Emotional Ruins – Part Three 14:15
4. – Emotional Ruins – Part Four 11:00
5. – Emotional Ruins – Part Five 16:53
6. – Emotional Ruins – Part Six 16:06

CD 2:
1. – Journey of Illusions – First Illusion 14:15
2. – Journey of Illusions – Second Illusion 11:58
3. – Journey of Illusions – Third Illusion 13:04
4. – Journey of Illusions – Fourth Illusion 11:43
5.- Journey of Illusions – Fifth Illusion 12:22
6. – Journey of Illusions – Sixth Illusion 11:23

Back in 2004, after the Birth of my first Daughter I was experimenting new Sounds with my Wife Valentina and during that Period we tried to record and manipulate Samples and strange Sounds in order to create an Ambient Album focused on emotive Moments. During these Sessions our Friend Alessandro Pintus was asking us to collaborate with him in order to create the Soundtrack for his new Butoh Dance Performance called “N” representing the Ambivalence of Human Life starting from our Birth and the contact with the Nature. We have created a first long Version called Emotional Ruins and a second shorter Version for the Butoh Dance performance that took place at Furio Camillo Theater during the “Trasform’azioni” Buoth Dance Review the 20th April 2006.
After 17 Years I’ve decided to remaster the original long Track in order to release it for the first Time on cd with his original Title “Emotional Ruins”
A cute Curiosity: the Wailing of the baby at the End of Emotional State Six is from my first Daughter Raffaella, recorded the 18 February 2004 exactly 2 min after her Birth!
I’ve decided to add a second bonus cd “Journey of Illusions” since with this live streaming concert recorded Live at Musart Studio in Rome (Italy) the 8th May 2021 for the Nick’s International Virtual Garage streaming Concerts, I wanted to create 5 (or more) different Emotional States. It is a long Electronic Symphony Composition and Improvisation divided in 6 Movements called Illusions.
Originally released in 2006, remastered and edited in 2023 by Pierpaolo Bramonti and Gabriele Quirici at Bramonti studio Roma (Italy)

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