Peru – Return


Released: 2018 By Rob Papen Sound Design

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  1. A New Start – [4:25]
  2. The loop – [4:36]
  3. Day 2 – [4:24]
  4. The Return – [8:57]
  5. Mirror – [4:59]
  6. The Art Gallery – [4:57]
  7. The Swarm – [4:45]
  8. Orage – [5:18]
  9. Desert Rain – [4:42]
  10. Meteor – [5:18]

The brand new PERU!!

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2 reviews for Peru – Return

  1. Hans de graaf / Netherlands

    This is my first review on groove. Even on internet. I do not write down what each song does to me. But I would recommend this cd to every one. Nr 6 is even my ringtone now.The only thing i want to say. This EM Cd is the best one I heard in the last past YEARS. MY ROTEL installation is going to be mad. What a sound and realy i like All the songs. But now this cd of peru Is One of the best Cd s in my collection. Peru pleased me very very much. If this was a cd of jmj all the papers would write a colum of hapiness. This cd is hapiness. Thank you PERU.

    2020. Hans de graaf / Netherlands

  2. Sylvain Lupari

    It was with a lot of amazement and especially enchantment that I discovered the musical arsenal of PERU. Because we speak well of arsenal with this panoply of rhythms which get transforming inside each structure which barely approaches an average length of 5 minutes, if we exclude the title-track, and of genres which abound in a sound universe of an incisive sharpness. Peru! Can you believe I have never heard the music of this legendary band from the Netherlands? Although its name has been circulating quite often in the various discussion groups about contemporary EM. According to some critics, this duet composed of musicians (Pe)ter Kommers and (Ru)ud van Es, hence the acronym PERU, offered an EM more focused on synth-pop and electronic rock of Tangerine Dream from the post-Jive years than Berlin School as such. The duo became trio and foursome over the years, welcoming the famous Rob Papen in its ranks. It’s also this latter and Ruud van E s who bring life back to the Peru adventure some 25 after the release of The Prophecies in 1993. And how was this first contact with the music of Peru? Difficult to explain because the music is difficult to define. Melodious with good arrangements and keyboards in mode harmonies, the music still offers great rhythmic versatility within each title, for this purpose we lose a little bit of our compass in the title track, and those countless synth solos which whistle and sing with delicious thine lines of acuity. I would situate the approach to those of Tangerine Dream’s melodic side, the edgy e-rocks of Jerome Froese and to Johannes Schmoelling’s composing style but with a more daring vision and still with his arrangements stolen from the strings of emotivity. THE RETURN has several seductive arrows. Each title is very melodious and rather catchy with its rock, synth-pop and even dance clothes. The only thing that annoys me are these Gregorian and Celtic choruses la ERA or Enigma. And it’s not much when even our ears dance to the sound of THE RETURN.

    After a brief ethereal introduction, haloed with a soft voice, A New Start” plunges into a fusion of synth-pop and classic electronic rock with a keyboard which freezes a minimalist approach on a bed of shimmering sequences and a humming bass line. PERU’s musical universe is changing fast here with a more flamboyant essence of arpeggios and their sequenced ritornellos which sail through lush layers of voices of electronic mermaids. A fluid bass

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