Peter Challoner – Resonance

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Released: 2024 By Pete Challoner & Groove Unlimited

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From Nothing begins – 5.01
Destination Repeat – 11.00
I think. I see – 5.09
Every which way but loop – 7.15
A moment alone with voices – 4.10
Does the piano remember or de I? – 3.50
Resonance – 14.15
To unknown destinations – 9.10
Those Thoughts again – 3.40

Resonance is the new album from Peter Challoner and completes a trilogy of electronic music albums (along with convergence and sub-sequence) which continue to develop the rhythmic / sequencer style of tracks in addition to the ambient soundscapes which form the core element of Pete’s music.
All of the track for resonance were put together over the previous 2-3 years for inclusion in various live performances and are brought together here and presented in their full form as a complete studio album.

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