Peter Mergener – Nox Mystica


Released: 2003 By Prudence

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  1. Soleae Umidi [3:15]
  2. Spectaculum [7:02]
  3. Fornix [3:27]
  4. Aquae Ductus [2:54]
  5. Porticus [7:14]
  6. Nox Mystica [4:54]
  7. Pyrricha [3:04]
  8. Cuniculus Occultus [2:27]
  9. Bestiarius [7:43]
  10. Aquarum Calentium Fontes [5:31]
  11. Te Deum [9:10]


  12. Nox Occulta [6:57]

With Alquimia. Incl. video track

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1 review for Peter Mergener – Nox Mystica

  1. Edgar Kogler

    This album gathers the music created for a part of the ambience of the festival Bread & Games, a leisure-cultural event that, yearly, intends to re-create in the city of Trier, one of the oldest in Germany, the lifestyle of Ancient Rome.
    The music, created by Peter Mergener, with the collaboration of Alquimia and other artists, takes us through an imaginary journey to Classical Rome, as perceived throughout the personal approach of Mergener and his collaborators, lavishly furnished with elements of space symphonism, and with some touches ofAtmospheric Pop.

    2003. Edgar Kogler

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