Peter Mergener – Wet Places


Release Date: 2001

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  1. Aquasonic Spirit    04:29
  2. Wet Places    06:51
  3. Fountainhead    05:49
  4. Waterblister    05:29
  5. Cloudburst   04:51
  6. Oceanic Sundown    03:49
  7. Whispering Cave    07:30
  8. Foam    03:29

The artist used samples of the most diverse kinds of water as starting points for his musical explorations of the wet element. This resulted in tremendously inspired compositions of great depth and subtlety of expression. Mergener himself states: “Water is not just soft and gentle as expressed in the track ‚Fountainhead‘‚ it can also be hard and noisy as in the title track ‚Wet Places‘, or mysterious as in ‚Whispering Cave‘ or majestic as in ‚Aquasonic Spirit‘!” Together with Achim Elsen on guitar they both succed in fine electronic music in the smooth way.

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