Picture Palace music – ReVision

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  1. Sleepwalking Marathon (is not Olympic) – (Unpredictable ConSequences)
  2. Right of Ascension (ReVision Mix) – (Midsummer)
  3. Speaking Stillness In The Rose-Flushed-Snow (ReVision Mix) – (Indulge The Passion)
  4. Array of fading flowers – (Symphony For Vampires)
  5. Realm of Possibilities – (Unpredictable ConSequences)
  6. Demeter-Morph – (Symphony For Vampires)
  7. Beatific Vision (ReVision Mix) – (Indulge The Passion)
  8. Metropolis Theme – (Metropolis Poetry)
  9. The End Of The End Of Everything – (Symphony For Vampires)
  10. M-Device – (Metropolis Poetry)
  11. Confusion as Souvenir – (Letters from Libya)
  12. Giantos Dance On Air (ReVision Mix) – (Remnants)
  13. Risk Pool – (Natatorium)
  14. Moon Dial -(Natatorium) / (Remnants)
  15. Midsummer”s Day (ReVision Mix) -(Midsummer)

An unusual Sampler of the first 10 Years of Picture Palace music. A unique new mixed song selection. All songs are reworked and remixed!!

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