Pillion – Enigmas

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  1. Enigmas – [28:16]
  2. Pompei – [25:54]

The CD release of the 1980 Vinyl music of Pillion’s first release. This is what cosmic music is all about!

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  1. Bert Strolenberg/SonicImmersion.org

    Heres one of those pinnacle releases of the past that never saw a cd-release after it came out in 1980. On this 54-minute live-recording, Walter Rothe and Guy DriegheD give their best in spacy, classic Berlin School style. Those familiar with the original vinyl recording will be amazed what stunning job was done to restore the full audio and make it sound seamless to this level, as the original had some serious drop-outs along various other technical issues of quite a severe nature. The sound and intrinsic atmosphere of the 28-minute title track comes close and seems much inspired by Schulzes Timewind. Pompei though proves a beautiful evolving longform soundscape composition with mysterious currents and twists leaning toward classic TD, shifting to elevating impact on the second half of the 24-minute piece.So bravo for this re-release of Enigmas (coming with new cover) and its most thoughtful audio archeology where every origin al detail is preserved for others to know what it was like when it was created….

    2019. Bert Strolenberg/SonicImmersion.org

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