Released: 2013 By Rogue Element

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  1. Compendium
  2. Route of Industrial Signatures
  3. Vista
  4. Conjunction

Analog sequencing with fantasic sounds and combinations!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com

    Oh that I am pampered. And you can be it just as much as I. After the art of seduction from the minimalist structures of the New Berlin School, signed by E-Tiefengrund, now here is Brendan Pollard and his accomplices who come to perfume our ears with the quintessence of the vintages years’ cosmic rock. But there is more. It has been more than 6 years since that our friend Brendan had worked on new material. And it will have needed a promise made to Javi Canovas back in 2006 so that the man behind Rogue Element, by the means of his friends, gets back his old equipments and begins composing and recording a wonderful album. Without reinventing the genre, but by deepened it of his profound melancholy and of his dreamy poetics touches, Brendon Pollard orchestrates an electronic work which has its place among the biggest albums of an era that musicians from all the world haven’t stop investigating in order to grab the most beautiful of jewels. Two Roads lifts the smoke aromas of the oranged interior fires, moved around here and there by groups such as Arc, Ramp, Free System Projekt and Redshift, that Tangerine Dream had extirpated of its analog equipments in the Ricochet years. Prepare your ears; you shall have not enough of both!

    Compendium” takes shape in a disturbing blackness where roar apocalyptic sirens. Synth pads are stretching some edging of mist that the oracles pierce of their absent voices. Extricating itself lazily from the brightness from those anfractuous pads with sibylline breaths

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