Pollard, Daniel, Booth – Eight


Released: 2018 By Rogue Element

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  1. Return [17:24]
  2. Cell [17:16]
  3. Midges [17:15]
  4. Clockline [16:59]

Retro sounds, sequences, mellotron choirs and effects with some nice e-guitar

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  1. Erik Neuteboom / Aruba

    Early 2014 the British electronic music (EM) trio Brendan Pollard, Michael Daniel and Phil Booth released their eponymous debut CD. Now, four years later we can enjoy their eighth effort simply titled Eight, released in a limited edition digipack version. Their music on Eight obviously has hints from the Berlin School, especially the music of Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schulze from the seventies era. It sounds as a warm and tastefully arranged tribute to these legendary masters of EM. All tracks start with beeps and bleeps followed by the compelling pulsating sequencers, blended with the sound of the Solina and Elka string-ensemble, synthesizer flights, Mellotron violins and flutes, and ending with soaring strings and often tender Mellotron flutes. All four compositions have their own flavour and their own tasteful arrangements. You’ll hear sensitive Floydian guitar runs and fine use of the volume pedal in Return (17:24), awesome sequencing i n Cell (17:16) and Midges (17:15) – also distorted electric guitar – and a captivating blend of Mellotron sounds and sequencers in the final track Clockline (16:59). Highly recommended to fans of early Tangerine Dream!

    2019. Erik Neuteboom / Aruba

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