Ramp – Astral Disaster


Released: 2012 By Stephen Parsick

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    First Set – Flatten Them!

  1. Forever Returning [7:15]
  2. Blast [11:08]
  3. Rather Far Out [5:51]
  4. Halo Inductor [13:41]

    Second Set – Doomsday Is Family Time

  5. The Nameless Is The Origin [9:30]
  6. Oscillator Planet [5:20]
  7. Astral Disaster [8:03]
  8. Jericho [15:39]

The album features music especially made for the Bochum concert in 2012 If you like RMI, Redshift etc this is the one to get in that style. Only 300 copies so be on time to get this!!

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  1. Sylvain Lupari / gutsofdarkness.com & synth&sequences.com

    Chthonian choruses breathing in the vestiges of a fallen society, heavy reverberations floating as a smell of death on ambivalent rhythms and devilish pulsations of machinery moulding some indistinct paces; such are the sound elements that decorate the mephistophelic universe of [‘ramp]. Recorded in concert at the Bochum Planetarium, Astral Disaster continues on the stride undertaken by Stephen Parsick with his powerful Steel and Steam and Return; two albums which appear in my 2011’s Top 10. Well sit behind his range of synths and analog electronic equipments, the German synthesist weaves the main lines of a black Mass which makes shiver and moan the most unbelieving of ears, so much that’s powerful, so much that’s … powerful!

    Flatten Them!” starts this [‘ramp] live performance by a distant dying wind which divides its decline in order to free a series of pantings which swirl like some oblong apocalyptic lassoes. “Forever Returning” plunges us straight away into the somber and theatrical luciferian universe of Stephen Parsick. This track (stemming from Return) is a slow non-rhythmic procession painted by dark waves and breezes of satanic machineries which float in a darkness of which the opacity is slightly perturbed by a chain of bright hoops which stream over a flood of souls mooing reverberating sighs. These hoops ululate of a contrasting transparency while the breaths of machines continue their slow hammerings up until the heavy pulsations of “Blast”. And quietly a rhythm settles down. A rhythm

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